Jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Stylish smartphone! HTC A510c promotion for only 2299

July 27 HTC A510c equipped with a customized version of the telecommunications Qualcomm MSM7227 600MHz processor, 3.2-inch TFT display with capacitive screen New York Yankees Hats design, with 512MB ROM +512 MB RAM and supports up to be extended to 32GB, the current promotional price of 2299 businesses element, like a friend you can think about!

Aircraft equipped with the latest system Android2.3 make handling more stable and more convenient; built the latest HTC Sense, dynamically updated so that friends, always at a glance, the status of calls Monster Energy Hats simultaneously show your friends and timely updates to keep you and your friends become more closely linked. Beautiful friendship go hand in hand.

It features delicate, light touch, to meet with a variety of fashion. Perception of the fashion Red Bull Hats crowd to win goodwill, friendship warm harvest more energy, and equipped with 5-megapixel camera can record at a better moment! HTC A510c main fashion, entertainment and friends, and I believe some friends to see it like ingenuity!

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Mercredi 27 juillet 2011

Sword of the Spirit PW client cracked video, screenshots tour

South Korea's first look for 'sword of the Spirit "at the end of April for the first closed beta, the game client also will be open. However, players can participate in the test is extremely limited, and many overseas Red Bull Hats players really can not stand to wait for the suffering, chose to crack the client, to build the road simulator. (Simulator demo video is being uploaded, and later update)

Related simulators open to the public immediately after the operation led to numerous players in hot pursuit, the simulator will be set up who did not thought so many players' hunger and thirst, "so that the server can not function properly. new era hats Finally, the simulator set up by shutting down the server and issued a notice saying has been recruiting, the simulator is being modified, will reopen in August.

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Mardi 26 juillet 2011

Continued dark drama, second Blizzard launched the cartoons of the sword of Justice

According to the foreign media information on Gamespot, Blizzard recently at the San Diego Comic Festival (SSDC) was confirmed in its games Diablo, will launch a comic related news publications. According to the understanding the series called the Sword of Justice (sword of Justice) of the snapback new era hats comic book, will be divided into five episodes were published, publication date has not been determined in detail, known to this series of comic book writer for Aaron Williams.

Set the background of the space-time of the sword of Justice in the Diablo 2 and the Diablo 3 between the 20-year, snapback new era hats the protagonist is living in the Arreat crater (Arreat Crater) near young boy Jacob.

In the Diablo 2: last of the Diablo II: Lord of destruction, Angel tairuier to his sword to destroy the snapback new era hats stone will disappear without a trace of the world, but this has still left in between where the sword, to Jacob did not know why release messages to guide him to the location of the sword.

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Lundi 25 juillet 2011

This summer alone to talk about summer document can play the game

The summer season has been the interaction between players and businessmen the most, when each of this years hottest, the major gaming businesses have also begun to push customized new era hats their games out. 2011 summer games what exactly big news, let us chewing watermelon, blowing air conditioner slowly taste.

July 12 is the domestic online game players memorable one day, when most players are lost in the newness of the Lich King wrath new edition of the cataclysm expansion has come quietly. Looking to the Warcraft history over the years, from the early world synchronization to the Burning Crusade delayed, then to the Lich King wrath was almost 1 year version behind. Today, officially styled comes, dress, players and European and American version also sent a small version of the suit.

Although the night of the July 12 many players cannot login cannot be installed, unable to enter the game, but all have been a quiet player suddenly back, when just playing Warcraft's passion and the blood. Plus go NetEase was the open camp, customized new era hats go go go race, gender, name, server to server, such as multiple charges is world of Warcraft card sharp increase in sales, 2nd always heard from work to work on the subway recently someone said "to 85? How copy brush "like, Wow this stuff, how long will also have red long red? All this is still a mystery.

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Mercredi 20 juillet 2011

Latin America village hot stills Iraqi baby to play with the exposure of same-sex sex

The housewives ' starring Eva rongoria might be tired of having to play roles of housewife,59fifty new era hats itself has gone through a failed marriage, so this breakthrough image of themselves, acted in lesbian roles, in the new play of the Latin America in the village, and friend Kelly sex Te·deer·kasidiluo playing in front of the lens-induced Kiss, very large scale.

In the Latin America in the villages of the new exposure of stills, extremely enjoyed this attempt can see Eva and Kate, two people in front of the camera wearing only a bra, Eva should take the initiative, she started to kiss from Kate's clavicle, Kate looked intoxicated, 59fifty new era hats then Kate took off Eva's Bra, two further intimacy of people, very touching. Director Gabriela appreciation of this lens, and said very sexy temptation.
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Jeudi 14 juillet 2011

Marchesa 2012 Resort Handbag Collection

In addition to the amazing gowns featured in Marchesa’s 2012 Resort Collection Co-Founders Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig also debuted a collection of signature handbags. “The Resort handbag collection features a range of silhouettes including versatile day-to-evening bags in vivid exotics, delicately embellished crystal minaudières and envelope clutches in bold animal prints.”

Marchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionMarchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionMarchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionMarchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionMarchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionMarchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionMarchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionMarchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionMarchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionMarchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionMarchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionMarchesa Resort 2012 Handbag CollectionPhotos courtesy of Marchesa

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