Continued dark drama, second Blizzard launched the cartoons of the sword of Justice

According to the foreign media information on Gamespot, Blizzard recently at the San Diego Comic Festival (SSDC) was confirmed in its games Diablo, will launch a comic related news publications. According to the understanding the series called the Sword of Justice (sword of Justice) of the snapback new era hats comic book, will be divided into five episodes were published, publication date has not been determined in detail, known to this series of comic book writer for Aaron Williams.

Set the background of the space-time of the sword of Justice in the Diablo 2 and the Diablo 3 between the 20-year, snapback new era hats the protagonist is living in the Arreat crater (Arreat Crater) near young boy Jacob.

In the Diablo 2: last of the Diablo II: Lord of destruction, Angel tairuier to his sword to destroy the snapback new era hats stone will disappear without a trace of the world, but this has still left in between where the sword, to Jacob did not know why release messages to guide him to the location of the sword.

Par Adjustable-hats le mardi 26 juillet 2011


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