This summer alone to talk about summer document can play the game

The summer season has been the interaction between players and businessmen the most, when each of this years hottest, the major gaming businesses have also begun to push customized new era hats their games out. 2011 summer games what exactly big news, let us chewing watermelon, blowing air conditioner slowly taste.

July 12 is the domestic online game players memorable one day, when most players are lost in the newness of the Lich King wrath new edition of the cataclysm expansion has come quietly. Looking to the Warcraft history over the years, from the early world synchronization to the Burning Crusade delayed, then to the Lich King wrath was almost 1 year version behind. Today, officially styled comes, dress, players and European and American version also sent a small version of the suit.

Although the night of the July 12 many players cannot login cannot be installed, unable to enter the game, but all have been a quiet player suddenly back, when just playing Warcraft's passion and the blood. Plus go NetEase was the open camp, customized new era hats go go go race, gender, name, server to server, such as multiple charges is world of Warcraft card sharp increase in sales, 2nd always heard from work to work on the subway recently someone said "to 85? How copy brush "like, Wow this stuff, how long will also have red long red? All this is still a mystery.

Par Adjustable-hats le lundi 25 juillet 2011


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